You know, I never considered myself to be “spoilt” but I’m not forced to live on Rs. 3 a day. In fact, my family of 4 is not forced to live on that amount. Indeed, we pass our days quite pleasantly – we have enough to eat; the clothes on our backs are (almost) in one piece; we spend adequate amounts of time with those we love; and we don’t need for much.

Now, usually people would have used the word “want” instead of “need” in that last sentence. Thing is, we always want MORE! We’re never really satisfied with our lot in life no matter what we tell people, so as to not feel inferior to them. I WANT to have enough money to do the photography course I am currently saving up for; I NEED the kind of rare talent in takes to really make it as a photographer though. I WANT someone to love just me for the rest of my life; I NEED someone to tolerate my and my idiosyncrasies as well as make sure I don’t have to sell myself on the street. I WANT my family to live forver; I NEED them to know I love them and I NEED the courage to not walk away forever over something as trivial as favouritism.

You see, what a person wants and what he truly needs to survive are two very different things. And yet, we consider the former more important than the latter for our happiness, whereas the truth is that what we need is beyond all valuation. We only realize how valuable when we are trying to re-negotiate terms with the Reaper, after wasting away our lives in the pursuit of what we want!


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